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Treasurer’s Report for the 2011 Council Meeting in New Zealand

Country Member Fees – The collection of country member fees has proved to be less of a problem during 2010, since the decision by the Council to down-grade the status of countries who persistently fail to pay fees due.  At the foot of this report as Appendix A is a list of the member countries and their current membership status.

Levy on the 2010 Annual Meeting – The annual meeting in

Albania and tour of both Albania and Greece in May/June 2010 was very successful, and the amount paid to the WJCB by ALDA Jersey was a very respectable sum just short of the budgeted figure of £3,000.

Life Memberships – Life membership fees were just £310, and continue to be a very small element of the income of the Bureau.

Donations – We are extremely grateful to Derrick Frigot for a donation of £1,000 which was as a result of the percentage of the sales of a model Jersey cow - £50 for each one sold as agreed at the last Council meeting


Salaries   - The remuneration of £8,000 to the RJA & HS for the Bureau Secretariat facility formed the largest single item of expense.

Accountancy fee - This has stabilised to £600, with the audit of the accounts now being the responsibility of the Officers before final approval at the Council meeting.

Professional Fees – With the Constitution of the WJCB having been finalised and formally registered through the Royal Court of Jersey, the final sum of £1,476 has been paid, and there will be no other expenses to be incurred for this vital piece of legal work that has been taking place over the past few years.

Book – History of the

Jersey Cow - As per the decision at the last Council meeting, we have incurred a cost of £4,233 for initial preparatory work towards this historic book. I am concerned that, unless this project is handled very carefully and according exactly to the plan set at during the last Council meeting in Albania, this publication could drain the Bureau of all of its available financial resources in the short term.


As is usual in the last year before an International conference, the Bureau finds itself at a relatively low point in its financial position, net funds having depleted by almost £5,000 in this financial year. Most of this deficit was taken up by the costs incurred for this initial setup and example pages “dummy run” for the History of the Jersey Cow book.

Careful consideration must be given to cash flow during the coming 2-3 years, particularly if substantial funds other than those currently sitting in the Lord Jersey Research Trust fund are required to be used to produce the history book. Sponsorship for the book, to the tune of 50% of production costs, is vital and this must be pledged and/or secured prior to going to print.


Appendix A:

Full Members Countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Guatemala, Jersey, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America (Total 14)

Associate Member Countries: Chile, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Uruguay (Total 7)

Affiliated Member Countries: Albania, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Sweden, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Zambia (Total 13)


Respectfully submitted, 


Stephen V. Le Feuvre
(Honorary Treasurer, World

Jersey Cattle Bureau)                                           Jan 2011


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