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Report from the Secretary 2011

This report covers period between the annual meeting of Council in Albania in May 2010 to date and an update on the action points agreed. 

New Bureau strategy:

The Secretariat has continued to invest time and resources in the four key themes of the strategy:

1.        Communication:  The website launched through the Wild Apricot hosting service has proved effective in managing the membership database, communications and posting information, it is found at the following address http://wjcb.wildapricot.org/.

2.        World events:  The 2nd World Jersey Cheese Awards was held on 11th June 2010.  The panel of six judges commenced their work at 10.00 am and at 18.30 hrs the title of the World’s Best Jersey Cheese was awarded to Willie Schmid, from Switzerland, for his blue veined cheese “Jersey Blue”.  The number of entries forward was on a level with the first awards in 2008 at 102 from 10 countries.  A ‘public choice’ competition was held at the Jersey Island cattle Show on the following two days with considerable interest from the members of the public in the competition and the cheeses.  Medal stickers for use on products have been produced and are available from the Secretariat.  The RJA&HS who have sponsored the competition have indicated that they are prepared to continue to hold the event and sponsor the direct costs to the sum of £1,000 at future events.

3.        Youth:  The Bureau agreed a suite of three youth programmes:

a.    The Jersey Educational Travel Award (JETA) Programme:  This process has run smoothly for the 19th International Conference in New Zealand with 14 applications forwarded to the secretariat by the deadline.  The committee went through a voting process that resulted in the following candidates being selected:  Jenny Evans (Mozambique), Benoit Guioullier (France), Jennifer Vander Muelen (Canada), Troy Mauger (Australia) and Mariano Storani (Argentina).    

b.    The Jersey Youth Travel Scheme:  The Secretary has been progressing this with Agriventure preparing to pilot the scheme in one of the selected countries of USA, New Zealand or the UK. 

c.    The Jersey Scholarship Travel Award:  There have been no applications for this award forward. 

4.        Knowledge transfer:  The Secretariat has responded to t number of enquiries regarding the suitability of the breed or sources of stock.  These have been responded to by making introductions to the appropriate regional contacts. 

Other action points:

WJCB Incorporation & Constitution:

The Bureau was incorporated by the Royal Court of the Island of Jersey on 18th June 2010. The new constitution was posted on the web site and copies sent to all members associations and all individual members advised of where it may be found. 

Memoranda to hold international conferences and annual meetings:

These have been received from New Zealand for 2011 and South Africa for 2014.

WJCB 60th anniversary publication:

This has progressed during the year in terms of production and is nearing being at a print ready stage.  There is sufficient information to launch a sponsorship programme and draft material is available.  This project must receive considerable attention at the meetings in New Zealand. 

Membership, accounting & bookkeeping procedures:

A number of changes have been introduced by the Secretariat during the period:

  1. Member associations were invoiced during January 2011 for the year and the new system of recording overdue subscriptions has resulted in an improved rate of receipt. 
  2. Forms affirming the membership status of member associations were sent out along with the new constitution, but the response rate has been less than desired.
  3. The production of financial statements through ABC Accountancy has been exceptionally smooth with figures for the year 2010 being ready during January of 2011.
  4. The arrangements made for the JETA winners resulted in payment of conference costs and travel expenses being made prior to the event where claims documents have been received.

Respectfully submitted

James W Godfrey, MSc, FRAgS, MRAC


January 2011


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