Welcome to the World Jersey Cattle Bureau



Held at 11:25 am on Wednesday 21st May 2008

At the Hotel de France, St Helier, Jersey


1)   President’s Welcome:

Johannes Van Eeden, President WJCB, welcomed the delegates to the Annual Meeting of the WJCB held during the 18th International Conference.  He congratulated the organisers and the host association, the Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society, noting that some 274 delegates had registered from 24 countries.

2)   Apologies for absence: 

Some 200 members were present including: Johannes Van Eeden (President, South Africa), Derrick Frigot (Vice President Europe, Jersey), Russell Gammon (Vice President North America, Canada), Gonzalo Maldonado (Vice President Latin America, Colombia), Richard Gibson (Vice President Oceania, New Zealand), Poena van Niekerk (Vice President for Africa, South Africa), Steve Le Feuvre (Treasurer, Jersey), James Godfrey (Secretary, Jersey), Cherie Bayer (USA), Roger Trewhella (UK), Peter Larson (Denmark).  Anders Levering (Denmark), Don Dawes (UK), Massaru Kashiwagi (Brazil), Brian Carter (New Zealand), Janna Remond (Canada), Peter Ness (Australia), David Chamberlain (USA).  Apologies were received from: John & Thelma Bailey (New Zealand), Maria Carmen de Perez Companc (Argentina), Carlos Melgar (Guatemala)

3)   Notice of the meeting:

Notice of the meeting was read having been posted on the Bureau website within the stipulated time.

4)   To approve the minutes of the last meeting held in Brazil, July 2007:

The minutes had been posted on the web site and were adopted by unanimous approval on the proposition of Russell Gammon and seconded by Massaru Kashiwagi.

5)   Matters arising from the minutes of last meeting:

There were no matters arising from the minutes that would not be covered by items on the agenda. 

6)   Bureau Business:

6-a)   President’s report:  The report for 2007 had been posted on the web site. 

6-b)   Council’s (Vice President’s) report:  The report from the regional Vice-Presidents for 2007 had been posted on the web site. 

6-c)   Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports:  These had also been posted on the web site. 

The President asked for questions or comments on the reports.  There were none and the reports were all adopted.

      6-d)  Confirmation of amendment to Constitution:  The President informed the meeting that the Council, after taking advice, had agreed to address the issue of the status of the Bureau through an application to the Royal Court of Jersey for the Bureau to become and incorporated association in the Island.  The details of this were available through the minutes of the Council meeting and if members had any questions they should be addressed to the Secretary.  The meeting confirmed the decision of Council.

7)   Any other business:

7-a)   New officers:  The President confirmed the recommendation of the Council that the following be elected as the new officers whose terms will be completed in 2011:

                                          President: Gonzalo Maldonado (Colombia)

                                          Vice President for Africa: Johannes van Eeden (South Africa)

                                          Vice President for Asia-Oceania: Peter Ness (Australia)

                                          Vice President for Europe: Derrick Frigot (Jersey)

                                          Vice President for Latin America: Massaru Kashiwqagi (Brazil)

                                          Vice President for North America: Dr Cherie Bayer (USA)

                  The recommendation of Council was unanimously approved on the proposition of Roger Angell-James and seconded by Ian Anderson.  The President congratulated the new officers.

7-b)   Presentations by the National Associations:  Reports with a consistent theme of the expansion of the breed in all countries were presented by Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, South Africa, Switzerland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the USA.

7-c)   Invitation to the Annual Meeting 2009 in USA:  Cherie Bayer introduced a packed programme of interesting visits that would conjoin with the Annual Meetings of the American Jersey Cattle Association.  There would be many opportunities to join or leave the tour, making it a highly flexible programme.  Full details are available of the web site and members invited to attend.

7-d)  Invitation to the 19th International Conference 2011 in New Zealand:  Maurice Pedley introduced members to the programme for New Zealand and a short film was screened with members being assured of a fascinating tour in 2011.

To be signed on adoption by the Chairman of the meeting:………………………… ………





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