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The United Kingdom’s Jersey population goes right back to the origins of the breed and today has probably the world’s most diverse gene pool. As a major importer of Jersey genetics, mostly through bull semen, there is a strong influence of United States, Canadian, Danish and New Zealand bloodlines. The breed is second in popularity but numerically small (about 2% of all dairy cattle) but with a good demand for quality milk currently, dairy farmers are looking to introduce the Jersey on their farms. The Jersey Cattle Society registers about 6,000 heifer calves annually. The national production average for 2002 was 5078 kg milk 271 kg fat (5.33%) 196 kg protein (3.87%). Following the Foot and Mouth outbreak in the UK in 2001, Jerseys have increased in popularity with several thousand head being imported from Denmark and the Island of Jersey to establish many new herds. Holstein breeders have also introduced Jerseys into their herds to comply with milk marketing components standards.


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