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Costa Rica

Costa Rica imported its first Jerseys in 1873 from California and in 1880 more were imported from Kentucky. At the beginning of the 20th century, Costa Rica had 10,395 purebred Jerseys imported from Europe and the United States. This served as the basis for a sound dairy industry and today Costa Rica is the only self-sufficient country in milk and dairy products in the Caribbean Basin. Jerseys can be found in every climatic zone present in the country, from the high altitude, volcanic mountains to the country’s hot and humid lowlands. There are more than 200 pure Jersey herds in the country, but the Jersey has also been used in constructive crossbreeding with the local Criollo breed, producing a highly productive cow that is resistant to the diseases of humid and dry zones. According to a recent national cattle census, there are more than 50,000 Jerseys and it is estimated that there are even more Jersey crosses. The Jersey has proved to be ideal for the variable topographies of Costa Rica.

San José Zapote 200 mts al Este,
y 10 mts Norte anitiguo ITAN,
San Jose,
Costa Rica

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