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As I begin this report, I wish to record the passing of our Patron, Mrs. Anne Perchard, MBE, who passed away on April 1st 2013.  Anne has been involved with the WJCB since 1982, and became president in 1992, serving in that position for eleven years.  She was named Lifetime Patron of the Bureau in 2002.

 Everyone admired Anne’s inspiration and genteel personality, and she encouraged many people interested in the Jersey breed, both young and old, throughout the world.  All who knew her will sorely miss her, and on behalf of all members of the WJCB we send our deepest condolences to her family.

 The WJCB have received messages of sympathy from many members in all parts of the world and these have been acknowledged and passed on to Anne’s family.

2012 Annual Meetings

In 2012, the annual council meetings were held in Colombia, preceded by a tour of Guatemala.  Those who participated in this tour had a thoroughly interesting and learning time, and the hospitality of the members of the Colombian and Guatemalan Jersey associations was exemplary.  Thanks to Gonzalo Maldonado in Colombia, and Jacobo Cabassa in Guatemala and their teams, who enlightened the visitors with a truly varied and interesting programme, demonstrating the versatility of the Jersey cow.

2013 Meetings in Australia

As we progress towards the 2013 meetings in Australia, I want to emphasize the importance of the discussions and decisions we will be making.  The WJCB is basically an information provider and promoter of the Jersey breed, and we have a challenge, in this day of advanced communication techniques, to enhance our ability to do this. 

In this connection, and following the Council decision in Colombia, we are in the process of adding hundreds of email addresses of Jersey breeders around the world to our contact address list.  We have recently added a thousand contacts and will continue to do more as time allows.  The aim is to be able to promote news of the global Jersey breed to as many as possible.

“The Dairy Queen – a history of the Jersey breed worldwide”

One of the major tasks of the past year has been to complete the writing and presentation of the book to be published by the WJCB.  Originally written by Hans Nørgaard of Denmark, the completion of the work has been undertaken by myself and other contributors.  The book is shortly to be published and this 336 page global history of our breed will be available from the national Jersey associations around the world.  I take this opportunity to thank Hans and the other contributors for all their help in bringing this project to fruition.

Youth Travel programme

In 2012, the Bureau entered contractual arrangements with the IAEA, an international youth travel exchange organisation, to promote visits by young people interested in the Jersey breed to work in anther country to gain experience in dairying with Jerseys. This provides a unique opportunity for young people and the exchange of ideas and learning can only be good for the future of the Jersey breed.

The first placement through this programme has been made with Becky Houzé from the Island of Jersey currently spending a year in the USA.

2012 World Jersey Cheese Awards

The third World Jersey Cheese Awards was held in Jersey in October 2012, and a record entry of 141 cheeses from 13 countries was received.  The standard was again extremely high and the winner, for the second time, was Willi Schmid of Switzerland with his Swiss Jersey Blue cheese.

There were logistic difficulties securing entries from some countries as a result of increasing border controls.  To those entrants, I apologize on behalf of the WJCB for the difficulties they encountered.  However, the feedback from many entrants is very supportive.

This bi-annual event has helped to widely promote Jersey cheese and demonstrates the usefulness of Jersey milk products, resulting in business development for those who have competed and gained awards.

Today’s Jersey

The Jersey breed is expanding well around the world.  Congratulations go to the American Jersey Cattle Association for recording in excess of 100,000 heifer registrations in 2012.  This is the first time that they have passed the six-figure target, and shows the increasing popularity of the Jersey breed in the USA.

News from the continent of Africa also demonstrates the rate of growth of the Jersey, and the same was also evident during the visit to Latin America last year.  The Jersey cow is adaptable to a variety of climates and dairy situations and is gaining strength of numbers in all parts of the globe.  This is a consequence of the ability of Jersey breeders to improve their stock, and to the leadership of Jersey associations working with dairy industry individuals and organisations to make the Jersey the cow for today.


Respectfully submitted.

Derrick Frigot

President, WJCB

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