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Africa, just like the rest of the world, is feeling the pressure of the world economy and it also have a tremendous effect on Jersey breeder’s right through the region. In general milk prices are under pressure or down. Fortunately the Jersey cow has proved herself under all the diverse circumstances of the African region and there is still a good demand for breeding material. I regularly get reports from countries as diverse Nigeria, Mozambique, Angola, Tanzania and Zambia and each and every one praises the adaptability and production of the Jersey cow under very difficult situations.

Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Mozambique

Dai Harvey who is very involved in Central en Southern Africa reports as follow:

In Zimbabwe there is a huge increase in the dairy industry and there is a country wide program to inseminate with Jersey semen. There will be a significant increase in Jersey numbers in the foreseeable future.

Tanzania is a growth market for Jerseys with a government supported insemination program and some big herds in the southern Iringa region.

Zambia continues to be the biggest growth area for Jerseys with a big shortage of F1 and purebred cows. Some very good herds in the Livingstone and Central regions of the country.

I would like to thank Dai for the great job he does in this part of Africa and the unbelievable growth we have seen in this region over the last few years, is mainly due to his hard work.

South Africa

Jersey SA reports that the Jersey industry in SA is going forward at a steady rate with many Jersey shows countrywide, many herd competitions that are well supported and annual Jersey courses presented that are very popular. South Africa remains the main source for Jersey exports into Africa. During 2012 a large exportation of animals was done to Zambia. Semen is also exported all over the African region.

Herewith statistics for Jersey SA in 2012. 
                                Registered Breeders:  259
                                Special Members:  29
                                Registered Semen Companies:  12
Animal Statistics
                                Registered Cows:  74 785
                                Registered Bulls:  1 461
                                Animals Milk recording:  48 836
                                Heifers Births Submitted:  10 909
                                Bulls Births Submitted:  262
                                Appendix Animals:  962
                                Not for Registration:  4 619
                                Cancellations: 15 243
                                Transfers between owners:  5017
                                Imported Semen:            209 059
                                Local Semen Sales:         68 995
Jersey SA is also busy preparing for the WJCB 2014 conference and tour and the local breeders are extremely excited about the visit of breeders from all over the world.

The African region within the WJCB represents an enormous area with very diverse circumstances and apart from the weather and economy, also greatly influenced by politics in our individual member countries. Sometimes it take months to get reports from some of our areas and some of our representatives are deeply involved in many of the developing projects going on in these countries. I can assure our WJCB members worldwide that, reports I receive from countries as diverse as Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique and Angola all attest to a growing demand and respect for the Jersey cow and its products.
Johannes van Eeden


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