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Held at 16.30 pm on Sunday 13th February2011

At the Novotel Tianui Hotel, Hamilton, New Zealand


1)    To appoint a Chairman:

        It was noted that the President was in attendance and took the Chair.

2)    President’s Welcome:

Dr. Gonzalo Maldonado, President WJCB, welcomed the delegates to the meeting of the WJCB held during the 19th International Conference.  He congratulated the organisers and the host association for the 2011 programme, Jersey New Zealand, noting that some 160 delegates had registered from 14 countries.

3)    Apologies for absence: 

Some 49 members and observers were present including: Dr. Gonzalo Maldonado (President, Colombia), Derrick Frigot (Vice President Europe, Jersey), Dr. Cherie Bayer (Vice President North America, USA), Peter Ness (Vice President Oceania, Australia), Johannes van Eeden (Vice President for Africa, South Africa), Steve Le Feuvre (Treasurer, Jersey), James Godfrey (Secretary, Jersey), Roger Trewhella (UK), Anders Levring (Denmark), Peter Larson (Denmark), John Bailey (New Zealand), Trevor Saunders (Australia), Larry Sheardown (Canada),Russell Gammon (Canada), Ryan Barrett (Canada), Neal Smith (USA), Augustin Robredo (Argentina), David Chamberlain (USA), Ian Anderson (Australia), Winsome Anderson (Australia), Suzanne Le Feuvre (Jersey).

Apologies were received from: Anne Perchard (Patron, Jersey), Massaru Kashiwagi (Vice President Latin America, Brazil), Anne Corner (UK), Maurice Core (USA), Scott Joynson (Australia), John Le Feuvre (Jersey), Paul Houze (Jersey), Bill Maness (USA), Charles Reader (UK), Wikus Van der Merwe (SA), Poena Ven Niekerk (SA)

4)    Notice of the meeting:

Notice of the meeting was read having been called according to the Constitution.

5)    To note the minutes of the Annual Council Meeting held in May 2010 in Tirana, Albania.

        These were noted having been posted on the Bureau website and members advised by email.

6)    To approve the minutes of the last meeting of the Bureau held in the USA, July 2009:

The minutes had been posted on the web site and were adopted by unanimous approval on the proposition of Russell Gammon and seconded by Peter Larson.

7)    Matters arising from the minutes of last meeting:

The Secretary gave a résumé of the actions agreed and an update on them as recorded in the minutes of the Council. 

8)    To discuss any matters arising from the reports of the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary & Treasurer presented to the Council since the last Bureau meeting:

The Vice Presidents gave a verbal summary of the status and development of the breed within their respective regions. 

9)    To receive the recommendation of Council regarding the election of Officers of the Bureau:

The Secretary reported that the following nominations had been correctly received with the nominating countries in brackets:

a.    President – Derrick Frigot (Denmark, Canada, Jersey, UK, Switzerland)

b.    Vice President for Africa – Johannes van Eeden (South Africa)

c.     Vice President for Asia-Oceania – Peter Ness (Australia)

d.    Vice President for Europe – Anders Levring (Denmark, Jersey, UK)

e.    Vice President for Latin America – Agustin Robredo (Colombia)

f.     Vice President for North America – Dr Cherie L. Bayer (Canada)

The Chairman added that the appointments of Honorary Treasurer and Secretary should be added to the agenda.  He noted that Steve Le Feuvre was prepared to continue as Honorary Treasurer and James Godfrey was prepared to continue as Secretary with secretariat services supplied by the Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society.

It was proposed by Roger Trewhella and seconded by John Bailey that these nominations all be accepted ‘en bloc’ which was agreed with all in favour.

10)  To confirm and adopt any changes to the Constitution recommended by the Council and subject to the approval of the Royal Court:

        The Secretary explained that this was a standard item to appear on the agenda and that the Council had no changes to recommend.

11)  To discuss any other business:

11-a)  2012 Annual Meeting in Colombia:  The President outlined the programme for members and hoped that many would be able to attend the meetings and study tours.

11-b)  2013 Annual Meeting in Japan:  Derrick Frigot would be developing the programme for this. 

11-c)   2014 20th International Conference in South Africa:  Johannes van Eeden gave a brief summary of the plans to date. 

11-d)  2016 Annual Meeting & Regional Conference in the United Kingdom: An invitation from the Jersey Cattle Society of the UK had been accepted for that year. 

11-e)  2018 21st International Conference in USA:  An invitation to hold the conference in the USA in this year had been accepted which is in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the American Jersey Cattle Association. 

         11-f)   Mozambique:

                      It was noted that the Council had invited Mozambique to become affiliate members of the Bureau with Jenny Evans, one of the JETA winners at this year’s conference, as the key contact.

         11-g)  Conference 2011 – New Zealand:  The President thanked the organisers of the 19th International Conference, Jersey New Zealand, for what has been an exceptional event and recognised the hard work put in by so many people to make it so.  John Bailey asked that the key themes of the conference, particularly the need to share information in regard to genomic evaluations in order that the breed can continue to progress.  The conference papers would be distributed to members in due course.

         11-h)  Research:  Derrick Frigot posed the question of the need to undertake more Jersey breed specific research around the world, and that the Bureau should encourage this.  In agreeing with this, Neal Smith informed the meeting that Ohio State University had recently converted its research herd from Holstein to Jersey, with help from breeders donating animals, and perhaps this was a model that could be adopted elsewhere.


The President concluded the meeting by saying how honoured he had been to lead the Bureau during the last three years.  Derrick Frigot thanked Gonzalo Maldonado and noted that a presentation would be made at the final dinner that evening.


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