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In line with the Objects of the Bureau, during the past year, the WJCB has reached out to more Jersey breeders across the globe than ever before.  This has been achieved in several ways, notably with the publication of The Dairy Queen, the WJCB’s history of the Jersey breed worldwide, sales of which have exceeded targets and is now in thirty countries.

Regular e-newsletters are now received by more than 1,600 contacts as we continue to build the email contact database on the WJCB website.  We also have more than two thousand followers on the WJCB Facebook page in addition to activity on The Dairy Queen Facebook page.

2013 Annual Meetings

The 2013 meetings were held in Australia and the informative and excellent programme prepared by Jersey Australia attracted some 60 delegates.  I record our grateful appreciation to the Australian organisers, staff members of Jersey Australia and all the Jersey breeders and industry people who helped to make this tour and meetings very successful.  The Jersey breed in Australia is emerging as a force in international genetics and this was evident in the discussions and technical visits we experienced and in the quality of the Jerseys we saw on the farms.


In excess of twenty entries were received for the Jersey Educational Travel Award (JETA) to be staged at the coming international conference in South Africa.  Five young people have been selected to represent their global region and to deliver a paper at the conference.

The JETA programme has been very successful at recent conferences and is a format that we want to continue in future.  But, there is a cost that has to be met by the WJCB or member countries and is a matter that has to be addressed for future conferences.

I am pleased to say that the American Jersey Cattle Association has kindly offered to sponsor the costs for the North American nominee, and we are most appreciative for their support in this endeavour.  However, the WJCB Council needs to discuss how to face the challenging costs for all nominees in future if the JETA programme is to continue.

Jersey Youth Travel Programme

A small number of young people have taken advantage of the WJCB Youth Travel Programme and this is an element of our work that we need to increase.  More promotion of the opportunities for young Jersey people to travel to other countries needs to be addressed.

World Jersey Cheese Awards

The bi-annual World Jersey Cheese Awards has been held in Jersey since 2008 and for the first time, this year’s event will be held in South Africa, in conjunction with the international conference.  The World Jersey Cheese Awards has attracted some outstanding world-class Jersey cheeses in previous competitions, with winners all stating how their triumphs in the competition have attracted greater sales of their products, bringing direct commercial benefit to Jersey breeders as a result of Bureau activities.

The WJCB has also channeled potential enquiries for Jersey cheese to the list of participating Jersey cheese artisans, thus helping to increase sales of their products.

Lord Jersey Research Trust

Last February, the trustees of the Lord Jersey Research Trust held a meeting to discuss the future of the Trust.  The trustees feel that the Trust should be “wound up” with any residual funds to be offered to the Council of the WJCB to be retained in a designated fund to be applied to support youth programmes around the world associated with the Jersey breed.  This is a subject to be discussed by the Council in September and action to be taken.

Donation from the estate of Mrs. Anne Perchard MBE

A bequest of £5,000.00 has recently been received from the estate of the late Mrs. Anne Perchard MBE, former President and Patron of the Bureau.  In the words of Anne’s son, Robert, “Mum was a lifelong supporter of the Jersey breed and she was able to find fulfillment in this through her work with the Bureau, something which gave her much pleasure and afforded her so many opportunities to travel and meet likeminded people. Her work as an ambassador for our great breed of cattle was well recognised the world over and the family was hugely grateful for the incredible outpouring of love and support for her that followed her passing last year. It was Mum’s intention that this donation be put to such purposes as the leadership of the Bureau thinks fit.”

On behalf of all members of the Bureau, I express our sincere gratitude to the Perchard family for this generous gift, and will fully respect Anne’s wishes in the way that this money will be used.

Interim meetings

Throughout the past year, regular meetings and discussions have been held in the offices of the RJA&HS in Jersey and I want to thank our Secretary, James Godfrey, and Treasurer, Steve Le Feuvre, for their participation in the running of the Bureau.

Strategy Review

At the meeting in South Africa in September, the subject of the Strategy Review is to be discussed. I urge everyone to read the Secretary’s report and come to the meeting with suggestions for the future running of the Bureau.  It is important that all members and Councillors have an input to the Bureau’s future; it is after all, your organisation.

Future Meetings

We have discussed the proposed visit to India for the 2015 annual meetings, but have found that a programme would be light on Jersey content.  With this in mind we have had two alternative venues suggested and invitations received.  One is from Denmark with a proposed visit to that countryae.  The other is from Costa Rica, with a possible visit to their country and Ecuador.  These invitations will be discussed in September and a decision made.

Today’s Jersey

Members will see from the reports of the Vice-President’s just how buoyant the Jersey breed is today.  The Jersey cow is being recognised around the world for her ability to face the needs of a modern dairy industry, whether that be in large state-of-the-art dairy facilities, or in small family units in developing countries.

The Jersey world will be meeting in South Africa in September and discussions will centre on the versatility of the Jersey cow and how it helps to provide a living for millions of people across the world. I look forward to seeing many farmers and friends in South Africa and wish Jersey SA and the team of organisers’ great success in staging the 20th international conference of the Bureau and thank them for their hard work in this endeavour.

Respectfully submitted.

Derrick Frigot






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