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WJCB Council Meeting Papers

The Council will be discussing a number of important issues during their meetings and subsequently making recommendations to the Bureau Membership. 

The links below enbale delegates to download various dossiers of papers relevant to the particular subject.  Please print off and bring with you copies of any papers which you require:

Dossier subject:

  1. Election of President - President Nomination - Derrick Frigot, President Nomination - Peter Ness
  2. Appointment of Secretary - Applications for WJCB Secretariat (Includes the WJCB position specification and two applications received; RJA&HS and ABA Ltd.)
  3. WJCB Strategic Review - WJCB Strategy Review (Includes the Strategy Review and comments from UK Jerseys and Viking Genetics)
  4. WJCB Foundation - Jersey Breed Foundation (Includes a paper from the Working Group considering the matter)
  5. Lord Jersey Research Trust - Lord Jersey Research Trust (Includes the minutes of the meeting of Trustees)
  6. Scientific Advisory Committee - Scientific Advisory Report

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